PAH Risk Assessment  
Into Your Practice    

To support the management of patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), Janssen is providing the following educational resources for you to operationalize risk assessment into your organization's daily practice, including:

  • The Care4Today® app and Care4Today® Care Portal for you and your patients to support active engagement in PAH care
  • REVEAL 2.0 and REVEAL Lite 2 resources for structured risk assessment
  • Epic® and Cerner® EHR System Build Guides to help you calculate REVEAL 2.0 and REVEAL Lite 2 risk scores within your EHR
care4today app

Actively monitor your patients’ measures of PAH with the Care4Today® app and Care Portal

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Return to Care

Learn why it is critical for patients with PAH to return to care during the COVID‑19 pandemic

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Importance of Risk Assessment in PAH

Learn why structured risk assessment matters in patients with PAH

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REVEAL 2.0 and REVEAL Lite 2 Risk Assessments

See how structured REVEAL 2.0 and REVEAL Lite 2 risk assessments can be incorporated into your practice

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EHR System Build Guides

Calculate REVEAL 2.0 and REVEAL Lite 2 risk scores within your Epic® or Cerner® EHR system

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Risk Assessment Resources

Explore risk assessment resources for you and your patients

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Building on 20 Years of PAH Innovation

Janssen is leading the way to building a brighter future in PAH. We are committed to strengthening our future legacy and extending our expertise to transform PAH into a manageable chronic condition. By working to advance the science through ongoing research, such as sponsoring and funding the REVEAL Registry, we are expanding the scientific knowledge of PAH.

Through our educational resources, we want to continue empowering healthcare providers and patients to remain actively engaged in managing and tracking PAH.

EHR=electronic health record; REVEAL=Registry to Evaluate Early and Long-term PAH Disease Management.